Understanding Wheel Aesthetics

How Your Tires Affect Your Car's Speed

Car experts will typically argue that the best way to make a car go faster is to place better tires on the car. The rubber that touches the road is the only aspect of the car that gives it any grip since the downward force has a very small impact on grip. When selecting the right tire for a certain speed, there are several factors to take into consideration.

Tread Depth

The tread depth plays a large role in braking. The thicker the tread, the better you'll be able to cut through dirt, snow, sand, and gravel. This will allow you to drive more quickly on these surfaces. You'll be less likely to spin out of control. You'll also be less likely to get stuck in snow, ice, or mud. 

If you have great tread depth, you'll have a better stopping time. While this doesn't make you go faster on its own, it will reduce your risk of accidents. You'll be able to respond to emergencies and avoid obstacles, which may help you drive more quickly overall.

Softer Tires

If you choose softer tires, you'll be able to grip the road better. They offer better traction and help you brake more easily. However, softer tires are also more vulnerable. If you want more durable tires, you'll need to choose the harder varieties. 

Plenty of Pressure

Make sure that your tires have adequate pressure. For one, this affects your fuel efficiency. If the tire is not inflated properly, the tread will collapse somewhat and your car will have a more difficult time handling challenging road conditions. As a result, you'll have to drive more slowly to avoid road hazards and avoid accidents.

Wheel Diameter and Weight

While the tires are the most important part of determining the speed of your vehicle, the wheel diameter also matters. The larger the wheel diameter, the more stability you'll have while driving at high speeds. The wheel will be better able to handle large brake rotors needed for high-speed driving. However, you do not want wheels with too much of a diameter because you'll see a reduction in performance.

Generally, anything that lowers the weight of your vehicle will increase its speed because weight forces your engine to work harder to increase speeds. Because tires play a much larger role in your car's performance than other areas, make sure to invest in them if you need more speed.

Make sure to check out different types and brands of tires, such as Federal tires, so you can see what all of your options are.