Understanding Wheel Aesthetics

Enhancing The Look And Performance Of Your Car Or Truck With Custom Wheels And Tires

Tires and wheels can make or break the look of a car or truck but they can also really improve the performance and handling of the vehicle. By the same token, the performance can get worse if the tires or wheels you choose are just not right for the vehicle. Looking good rolling down the boulevard is one thing but is the car handles like a rodeo bronc, it can be very hard more than a couple miles. Getting the right combination of wheels and tires to fit your car, truck, or SUV is important.

Figuring Out What Tires Are Right

When it comes to buying tires, the large tires with little to no sidewall are popular with some customizers. The problem is, the tires were not designed to be used with the suspension in the cars they are being installed. Tires are literally part of the car's suspension now and if you are using something not specified for the car, you will need to compensate somewhere else. A softer spring, a different shock, who knows but it important to figure it out before rushing out to buy the latest 27-inch dub for your car. Talk with a tire shop about what you are trying to do and let them help you figure out the best option to get you on the road in style and with proper handling.

Performance Tires

If you have a car that has been modified for performance, you may need to go up to a tire with a higher speed rating than your OE rolling stock. The speed rating on the tire is embossed on the side and for cars that routinely cross the 100-mph mark, they are necessary. These tires use a harder rubber, have added stability in the sidewalls and are designed to be used for faster driving without the concern of failure. Again, these tires are unique and may require a different wheel for your car to fit properly so talk with the tire dealer about the best options.

Wheels Make The Package

When you start getting into custom tire sizes on your car, you will most likely need to have a new set of wheels as well. The options are so varied that you may spend more time trying to decide what will look best on your car than you did getting tires with the right specs. You may want to order a set of wheels, have custom wheels made, or pick something right off the tire shops display wall. The choice will be yours to make. Just keep in kind, the wheels need to be of equivalent quality as the tires. If you are running ZR rated tires, the wheels need to be able to handle 150 miles per hour as well. Make sure you match the wheels and tires to make a solid performance package that will deliver in the conditions you need it too.

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