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The Ultimate Care Guide For Race-Oriented Tires

If you're involved in car racing, the tires on your vehicle are essential for gaining a competitive advantage. They provide the necessary traction and help you come off of the starting line as quickly as possible. Make sure your race tires are competition-ready by following this care guide. 

Break-In Period

You can get the most out of your race tires by breaking them in. Doing so helps shed off extra layers of rubber, intended for optimal performance. Break-in period lengths can vary depending on how many materials and layers are involved. Consult with the tire's manufacturer to see how many passes are required to achieve this broke-in state.

An integral part of this break-in period is having your tires rotated. After all, rotating your tires helps the tread wear down much more evenly. You'll then have maximum traction and control when performing different maneuvers in the race car.  


After every race season, there's a following off-season that you need to stay mindful of. As a precaution, keep your tires stored when not in use. This prevents weather elements from affecting air pressure and overall tire performance. 

Ideally, your tires should be stored in a secure, controlled environment. Areas that have extreme cold and hot temperatures could do irreparable damage to your racing tires, which aren't cheap to replace. Also, consider protecting your tires with heavy-duty tire covers. Made out of durable vinyl, these covers prevent your tires from fluctuating in temperature. 

Tread Levels 

How much grip and control your race car has on the track largely depends on how much tread there is on each tire. To make sure you have enough to maintain control and stay safe under extreme racing conditions, check each tire's tread before every race with a tread depth gauge. Place it directly in the slick's tread, comparing your readings with what the tire manufacturer recommends. 

If the tread is too low, particularly with the rear wheels, you'll need to find suitable replacements. There are ways you can maximize tread life, thankfully. You could avoid doing excessive burnouts, for example. They produce a tremendous amount of heat that wears down your tires prematurely. 

Car racing is one of the most extreme and fun activities you can participate in. Make sure you stay safe and have maximum control over your car by taking the extra precautions as far as tire maintenance. Unnecessary accidents don't have to occur if you're diligent and mindful of tire care. To learn more, contact a company like Frisby Performance Tire